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Aug. Die NBA-Saison wird farbenfroh. Die Spieler können ihre Sneaker ab sofort in allen möglichen Farben tragen - das ist historisch. Gute. Der Spieler wollte schon. seiner Athletik und seinen Dunks mit das Beste, was ich bis jetzt in der Guter Spieler und sehr sympathisch dazu. Sept. Fast immer machen die Superstars in großen Spielen den Unterschied. Welche die besten Spieler in PES sind, kannst Du hier in.

And, for obvious reasons, if he is unable to stay on the floor then that is bad news for New Orleans.

Like many teams, the Houston Rockets have stumbled out of the gate to just a record. But their problems run deeper than a slow start.

Much of that lack of consistency can be found with their defensive effort. Smith has posted solid counting stats through 10 games; the guard has averaged But his ability and effort have been inconsistent at best.

His athletic ability alone should make him a capable defender, but the second-year pro has been unable to make a positive impact on that side of the ball.

These teams, as all teams do, have faced their early season struggles. Hopefully, these teams can tackle these issues, learn from them and better themselves as they look to fortify their squads for the long haul.

Depending on who it is, the expectation of living up to a brand new contract can weigh on a player. He missed nine of his first 10 three-point attempts and went Over that time, Grant has knocked down One week ago, he scored a career-high 22 points in Washington.

When asked about the rapid turnaround, Oklahoma City head coach Billy Donovan said that he feels Grant has gotten better with each game on the offensive end.

Where are those spots, exactly? Well, for one, Donovan is making it a priority to get Grant down to the short corners—something we saw him do recently in Cleveland.

As a whole, the Thunder have followed suit when it comes to three-point percentage. Donovan chalks it up to simply executing and taking advantage of opportunities.

And even just the effective field goal percentage of what we should be shooting on those shots, it was drastically lower than what we were shooting.

Those things kinda add up and we put ourselves in a position where we had to be absolutely flawless on defense to overcome the lack of shooting.

Grant is receiving more playing time due to his willingness to contribute on both ends, which provides an energy that Oklahoma City has fed off of on the floor.

Defense is where Grant hangs his hat. According to Cleaning The Glass, Thunder opponents are turning over Promise you this—that effort travels and does not depend on whether Grant is home, away, in the starting lineup or playing with the second unit.

His preparation is the same for every occasion. There is no preference. New talents like Dennis Schroder, Nerlens Noel and rookie Hamidou Diallo paired with mainstays such as Patterson and Alex Abrines have brought about a new feel to the floor.

So we want to play that way. And as of now, everybody is playing a part during this winning streak. The season is young.

As of Thursday morning, there have been games played, with remaining. Still, a lot can be learned from the first month of the season.

This installment focuses on the Atlantic Division. Like most divisions, the Atlantic Division has experienced its share of surprises.

But things could be more chaotic e. There have been blips in Boston and Philadelphia out of the gate; but beyond those teams, everything is mostly as expected.

The 76ers have a few problems, but their most glaring issue is with their backcourt. Specifically, Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons and their ability to remain on the court with one another.

Fultz is shooting And Simmons has totally disengaged with the long ball, choosing to shoot zero three-pointers in minutes. And that makes it challenging to have them on the court at the same time.

Defenses play off of them on the perimeter and go under ball screens, which clogs up the paint and makes life more difficult for their lead scorer — Joel Embiid.

But more troubling than their shooting is how they affect one another. The 76ers are a minus 6. And while Fultz is still seen as a project by most, Ben Simmons is viewed as a star.

Looking back to last season, Simmons averaged While both players still have ample time to develop into well-rounded stars, the 76ers organization needs to figure out how the two can coexist more effectively sooner than later.

The success of the season might be at stake. Through 12 games, the Raptors have 11 wins. They are the seventh highest scoring team in the league They have the third-best offensive rating, ninth best defensive rating and the fourth best average margin of victory.

But there is one potentially troublesome item: It could be strictly precautionary. But having just returned from a quad injury that cost him most of the season, one might wonder about his overall health.

Leonard did recently jam his ankle, but that is unrelated to the injury that led to him missing time last season. The New York Knicks are in development mode.

And while they seem committed to giving their young core time to develop, there is one noticeable outlier— Courtney Lee.

Courtney Lee has yet to appear in a game this season for the New York Knicks due to a mysterious neck injury. But Lee and the Knicks are clearly heading in opposite directions.

Both parties would be best served by Lee returning sooner than later and exhibiting his three-and-D skill set. The Celtics started the season a mildly disappointing They have played a difficult schedule so far, with losses against the Nuggets, Pacers and Raptors.

But regardless of outcomes, the team clearly needs to get its house in order. Im zweiten Quartal dieser Saison fingen die Nets an, hart zu arbeiten, erreichten zuerst einen 7: Zur Halbzeit führten die Netze weiterhin mit Nach dem Ende der drei Quartale wird die Hoffnung, dass die Sonne gewinnt, immer düsterer und die Netze führen Brooklyn Nets Basketball Trikot Replica.

November setzte sich die reguläre Saison der NBA fort: George Hill hatte 22 Punkte, 4 Rebounds und 6 Assists: Orlando Magic Basketball Trikot Replica.

Es wurde auch im Spiel gegen die Überschallmusik gemacht. Toronto Raptors Basketball Trikot Replica. Als er im entscheidenden Moment über die Aufstellung des Teams sprach und sich auf dem vierten Platz festhielt, sagte George: Ich kämpfe Seite an Seite, tut mir leid für meine Worte, das ist der beste Weg, um ihn zu beschreiben.

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